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Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a somewhat new issue that the United States has been facing. Bed bugs originated from the Middle East thousands of years ago. Bed bugs were originally cave-dwelling insects that survived by feeding off of the blood of bats. As humans moved into these caves for survival, Bed bugs changed their feeding behavior and started targeting human blood as their source of sustenance. Today, Bed bugs live and feed across the globe. They are persistent little parasites that are resistant to many pesticides. A female Bed bug needs to be impregnated once in her life and can store fertilized eggs for future populations. That’s what makes traveling and finding one bug a major deal.

Identification & Facts (Cimex lectularius) 

There is a lot of wrong information available to the public from the entomologist's perspective. Much of this information is spread via mainstream media as “scare tactics”.  Although bed bugs are tough insects, we have the products and the treatment knowledge to overcome any Bed bug population. No matter the size of your building. There is a way to help.

  • Bed bugs are brown/reddish bugs size can vary form 1-7 mm.

  • They are commonly misidentified with a Bat bug (a completely different species of insect).

  • Bed Bugs do not spread disease currently.

  • Medical doctors cannot positively identify bed bug bites, although they can offer opinions.

  • Luggage is one of the most suspected item bed bugs will travel in while travelling to foreign places.

  • Bed bugs will travel hundreds of feet per night to get a fresh blood meal.

If you suspect you have bed bugs, get in touch with Ellington Pest today! We have over 15 years’ experience eradicating Bed bugs from peoples homes and businesses.

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