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Learn About our Total Home Guard and Do it Yourself pro-Pack plans, or schedule an expert elimination plan. Let's get the job done.

Total Home Guard

Protect your home from over 45 different species of insects and rodents with our Total Home Guard service. At Ellington Family Pest, we offer custom-built plans starting at just $40 per month to ensure complete insect and rodent protection for your home. Keep your family safe and comfortable with our professional pest control services.  Schedule below.

Do it Yourself pro-Pack

Take control of your home with our Do It Yourself Pro-Pack from Ellington Family Pest. This DIY pest control program will equip you with all the tools and insider tips to eliminate mice from your home. The kit includes 4-12 EZ snap reusable mouse traps, a roll of mouse excluder, and a one-time evaluation. Plus, you'll receive a free consultation as needed, giving you the power to tackle your pest problem with confidence. Schedule below.

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