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Carpenter Bee

Carpenter bees get their common name due to the females' habit of excavating galleries in wood to create nest sites for their young. These bees do not consume wood; they feed on pollen and nectar and are important plant pollinators. However, they are to be considered a destructive pest. Or wood destroying insects. These bees are found mainly around facia boards on structures and can over winter in there galleries that they create.

Identification & Education (Xylocopa)

Male and female carpenter bees emerge in the spring (April and early May) and mate.

  • 5 species are found in the United States


  • Male carpenter bees are harmless and hover around nest.

Carpenter Bees Are Often Mistaken for Bumblebees

  • Entrance holes around 1/2 inch in diameter in wooden structures such as the railings of your porch or around your home.

  • Sawdust left behind near drilled holes.

  • Visible pollen or bee excrement left behind near the openings in the wood

  • Visible carpenter bees

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