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You are enjoying your yard in the on a nice summer evening. Out of nowhere, you feel it! The dreaded mosquito bite!  What brought them in? Carbon dioxide gives insects the signal that blood is nearby, and since we exhale CO2. Mosquitoes are driven to feed off people. Female mosquitoes feed on the blood of mammals and humans. Males prefer flower nectar as their primary food source. 

Identification & Facts (Many Species) 

Mosquitos in general are actually the deadliest creature on Earth. They are capable of transmitting many diseases from human to human.

  • There are 175 different known species of Mosquitos in the United States.

  • Mosquitos are most prevalent at dawn and dusk, they typically roost in vegetation or shrubs.

  • They are short flyers’ usually not travelling more then 100-200 feet for a blood meal.


Although mosquitos seem to not serve an importance in our ecosystem, they actually do provide good sources of food to predators such as bats and birds. At Ellington Pest we know how annoying these mosquitoes can be. Rest assured, we have treatment options. We can provide abatement services and inspect or treat for mosquito landing areas. Don’t take these blood thirsty insects on alone, partner with a dedicated and educated professional at Ellington Pest.

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