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Clover Mite

Clover mites leave a red stain when they are crushed. No one wants their carpets, drapes, furniture, or any other items stained with the pigment of clover mites. Clover mites are sometimes indicative of larger problems. Often when pests get into homes, it can mean that there are moisture issues. Pests are drawn to moisture, and when the wood on the outside of your home is wet or rotting this allows pests like the lowly clover mite to enter.

Identification & Facts (Bryobia praetiosa Koch)

Female clover mites, unlike other creatures, do not need a male to reproduce. 

one single little female clover mite can lay up to 70 eggs at a time.

  • They feed on the lawn where they suck sap from grasses, clover and other plants.

  • They crawl into cracks around windows or in foundation walls and under siding, shingles or shakes.

  • An adult clover mite is one of the largest mites that can be found infesting plants. They are oval-shaped, have 8 legs, and are either a greenish or red coloration. Measuring in at around .75 mm.

Although Clover mites do not pose a serious risk to our homes, they are certainly deemed a nuisance pest. Call or message for a free evaluation of how Ellington Pest can help with your mite concerns.

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