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Colonies are founded in the spring by a single queen that mated the previous fall and overwintered as an adult. Nests may be aerial or terrestrial, depending in part upon the species of the wasp. Some species may construct both types of nest. Most homeowners find out they have a colony of yellow jackets in their yard the hard way. Either by mowing the grass or gardening yellowjackets seem to appear and be very aggressive to prevent the destruction of their nest.

Identification & Facts (Vespula spp)

These wasps tend to be medium sized and black with jagged bands of bright yellow—or white in the case of the aerial-nesting 

Yellowjackets commonly build nests in rodent burrows, but they sometimes select other protected cavities, such as voids in walls and ceilings of houses, as nesting sites.

Yellowjackets are small at ½” in length. They can be mistaken for honey bees because of the yellow markings on their bodies.

Great care must be taken in eliminating Yellowjacket nests. At Ellington Pest we are fully prepared and ready to eliminate your yellow jacket nest. Call today to schedule a service or for emergency services.   

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