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Drain Flies/Moths

Drain flies (also known as moth flies) sometimes appear suddenly and mysteriously, becoming a nuisance in homes, rest rooms of commercial buildings, sewage disposal plants and agricultural facilities that handle moist animal waste. Adult flies may become so numerous indoors that they congregate at windows, darken lamp shades at night and fall into food. They may also accumulate around showers, bathtubs, sinks and floor drains, especially in the basement. Restaurants, schools and other public buildings may be avoided when drain flies are a nuisance. 

Identification & Facts (Psychodidae Psychodidae)

Adult drain flies are tiny (1/5 to 1/6 inch long)

 Wings are longer than the body and are often held roof-like over the body

Drain fly larvae grow and feed in polluted, shallow water or in highly moist organic solids.

Adults live about two weeks, with old ones dying and new ones emerging.

Drain Moths can be a very frustrating insect. Most of the solution lies around proper sanitation of waste water. Ellington Pest is happy to assist in treating and prevent any Drain moths you may have at your home or business. 

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