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Emergency & After-hour servicing 

​Ellington Family Pest is here to help! Same day service available.

Are you fed up with calling every pest control company available? Either you are told you have to wait a week, or no one answers the phone! 


No matter the case Ellington Pest is available to help. If you woke up and have a bat or any other wild animal in your home, we can help. The premise of waiting a week or not having the ability to communicate with someone that can help when there is an urgent problem is what motivated the existence of Ellington Family Pest. If it is important to you and is important to us. When you call you will speak to the person that can help on the spot. You do not have to be told there is nothing to be done or call back during business hours we are available 24 hours a day all week.


Call me directly at (860-377-3316). I will be happy to answer any question you might have relating to emergency pest problems. I am available nights & weekends! 


Jason Landon
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