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Larder Beetle

The adult larder beetle is dark brown and approximately 1/3 inch in length. Larder beetles often overwinter in crevices of bark or other sheltered places. In early spring, the beetles are attracted to dead insects and will enter the house to lay eggs. A commercial pest as well as a household pest, the cosmopolitan larder beetle was historically a pest of cured meats.

Identification & Facts (Dermestes lardarius)

  • Adult beetles are about 1/3 inch.

  • long, dark brown in color for most of the body, interrupted by a broad, somewhat yellowish gray band across the front portion of the forewings. The band may show six darker spots.

  • Eggs are deposited on suitable food sources.

  • In a heavy infestation hundreds of individuals may creep from beneath baseboards, around windowsills or from electrical fixtures. Full-grown larvae are nearly 1/2 inch in length.

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