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As indicated by their name, tree squirrels are arboreal, and they often make their homes either in leaf nests or inside tree cavities. All tree squirrels rely heavily on the availability of mast (the dry fruit from woody plants and trees) - especially acorns and other nuts - for their survival. So a tree squirrel's habitat must consist of these nut-bearing trees.


Because squirrels are active during the daytime, you are likely to see any that may be inhabiting your yard. However, you may not always be home to witness them, or they may be wreaking havoc in other places like your roof or attic.

Here are some additional signs to help identify a squirrel problem:

  • stolen birdseed

  • damaged wood siding

  • chewed insulation or electrical wires

  • squirrel tracks: tiny prints with four toes in the front and five in the back (front and hind feet are generally reversed)

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