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Woodchucks/ Ground Hogs

One of the common Woodchucks facts is that they are considered the largest members of the squirrel family that can climb trees. Woodchucks are active during the day. In summer they commonly feed in the early morning and the late afternoon, spending the rest of the day sleeping or basking in the sun. Mainly vegetarians, woodchucks feed on a variety of grasses and chickweeds, clover, plantains, and many varieties of wild and cultivated flowers. They eat blackberries, raspberries, cherries, and other fruits, along with the bark of hickory and maple trees. Of course, to the chagrin of gardeners, woodchucks love fresh produce, as well. They will even eat grasshoppers, June bugs, and other large insects.


Woodchucks live in extensive burrows two- to six-feet deep and up to 40 feet long that contain numerous chambers with specific functions, such as for nesting or for wastes. Woodchucks can cause significant damage to garden plants and agricultural crops. Trees may be severely damaged or killed by chewing and territorial marking.

Ellington Pest is happy to provide expert woodchuck removal. We will trap and remove all problem wildlife from your property.

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